Finding An Interior Decorator

Interior designers: Where are they in Adelaide?

Restyling your home, especially if structural changes are needed, is a costly investment. Blunders are frustrating and expensive. But a professional interior designer, Adelaide, can help turn your dreams into reality by offering quality in every design and value in every cent.

Goodness gracious, where do you find this kind of guy? Luckily we are here at What’s Happening Adelaide.

Talk to friends who are design freaks. They might know a decorator who has an eye for detail and a hand of art. Artificial plant shops, building companies and art gallery stalls are good sources of referrals.

As you really want to bring a professional in, we’ve drawn up a list of things to consider when locating and picking an interior designer.

Project size

Is it a small or large project? For micro-makeovers, a rookie can discuss your style and show you the options. For a revamp that includes construction work, a specialist can manage the task, from curtains to bathroom extensions.

Finding the right expert

Look at portfolios. Make sure their style matches your taste. You may prefer a sleek, metropolitan style, a warm, country look, or a blend of modern upholstery and faux plants (for instance). Interview at least three interior designers, get several bids and ask for references.


The Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) has a list of certified members and a guide to the various qualifications. The association honours design innovation, culture and business through biennial awards, and offers education, advocacy and professional development.

What designers need to know

Share the details of the project. Important information includes your budget and your preference. Spell out who lives with you (including pets) and what does not work at the moment – and why.

What you need to know

Write a number of questions to ask the interior designer. Is the first interview free? Will they help in the decision making process? What support do they offer? What would be their solution? And how much do they charge?


Some interior designers charge per hour, some charge per job and others add a small service fee (5-15% of the total project cost). After comparing bids, you can have a better idea of who fits your budget. Go for value, not the lowest bid.

Working with your designer

Draft a contract that requires every decision to be approved by you to avoid miscommunication and additional costs. Begin with an idea board, showing colours, textures and images that appeal. The interior designer will produce samples of actual materials and drawings of proposed schemes. Once you seal the deal, your project is set to take shape.

Other properties

If you live in Adelaide and have property in another state, ask if the designer can decorate it. They probably will if they are an interstate company.

What if something goes wrong?

AGDA members have insurance that covers disputes, damages and accidents. You can rest assured that the décor work will proceed smoothly from start to finish.

A splash of paint here, a beautiful chandelier there and creative adjustments, is part of making your home functional and appealing. So make the right choice!

Want To Scale Your Laser Clinic?

Want to scale your laser clinic? Here’s how to dramatically grow your client base

Need more business and clients for your laser clinic, yet you feel like you’re banging your head against a wall? Put it another way, are you struggling to retain your current customers? Perhaps for years, you have been wondering how to attract new business, build your customer base and grow you laser clinic. Thankfully, this post will show you ways to market your business and entice new clients. Sound good? Laser clinics that succeed in growing their clientele do these five things very well.

Target your ideal clients

One of the most common mistakes laser clinic entrepreneurs make is throwing resources, money and time at attracting the wrong type of clients. If you want to grow your business profitability and customer base, then target the right clients. It is that simple. Your ideal clients are easy to service, buy regularly from you, love the treatments you offer, and keep referring you to their friends; hence, they are highly profitable. Ideal clients also convert to loyal customers more easily and quickly.

Befriend local businesses

Gone are the days when networking was a nightmare. With the advent of social media, networking is now easier! Today, business people are able to engage, chat and share ideas on how to work together and how to benefit from each other’s customer base. When you partner with the right partners – ideally other businesses that have the same client audience as you – you’ll be able to build trust and solid relationships. In turn, you get more new customers, especially through referrals. So buddy with health clubs, fashion retailers, beauty salons…you get the picture.

Dominate online

Opening a new laser clinic down the street is not enough to attract new clients. You need to have a strong online presence as well. Nowadays, people are searching for services, information, and products on Google, and that’s where your business should be if you want more clients. For starters, your website must rank highly on Google and be readable, responsive and customer-friendly. To manage this, you need to utilise SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Ask for recommendations

Word of mouth is your best bet when it comes to gaining new laser clinic clients. “Introduce a friend” systems are very effective in attracting new customers and you don’t need to spend even a dollar. All you have to do is make your clients feel good by offering great, affordable service. Your clients must be sure that if they vouch for you, their nearest and dearest will have the same awesome experience. Wow your customers and inspire trust in them, then sit back and watch as your referral scheme works magic.

Use social media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool but it alone won’t drive new clients through your laser clinic door. Instead, combine Facebook or Instagram with email marketing to create a great crowd-puller. Also, make your social media look and sound professional and personal. You need to look good on social media and create the best first impression too.

There you go! Those are 5 killer ways to dramatically grow your customer base. Getting new clients is now quicker, cheaper, and easier. Don’t you agree?

If you’re near the Adelaide CBD, pop in to Lasertech Clinic – laser clinic in Adelaide located near the Adelaide Oval. They have a diverse range of laser services. Visit their most popular 2 below:

What Is Property Management?

So What Exactly Is Property Management?

Property management, simply put, is the control, operation, and oversight of personal property, physical assets, real estate and other equipment. Property managers are commonly hired by property owners who want their properties managed. Property owners who live far away from their properties or who have more than one property are the biggest beneficiaries of property management.

Property owners can either opt for real property management – for rental properties including houses, apartments, commercial buildings and even land, or commercial property management – for commercial properties including retail spaces, office buildings, and storage facilities.

Property Management Company

For property owners, especially those with multiple properties – advertising vacant properties, vetting potential tenants and ensuring leases are well written – can be a demanding process. Hiring a property management company, though costly, is very beneficial.

Lower turnover of tenants, reduced stress, higher quality tenants, and fewer legal problems are some of the advantages of using a property management company.

When looking for a property management company, it’s essential to check client reviews, compare costs, interview the company, and visit some of the properties it manages to ensure whether the company is the right fit.

Property management responsibilities

Generally, property managers’ main responsibility is to maintain and manage residential properties on a daily basis. But the property owner’s needs and expectations can determine what management tasks ought to be done. Here are some of the services a property management company provides:

Determine a realistic rental rate

Property managers typically do their research of the local property market and assess the current rental rates to determine a modest rental rate, which will attract quality renters, and provide a profit for the property owner.

Market the property

Property advertisements may be posted on online classified ads or the company’s website, and the local newspaper, too. Marketing is essential to attract quality tenants and keep property rented.

Qualifying tenants

Property managers normally screen tenants to verify their identity and rental history. They also perform a credit check and background check on the tenants.

Overseeing tenant move in

Before a tenant occupies the property, the property manager issues a lease agreement, which the tenant should revise and sign. Once the contract is sealed, the manager collects the deposit and initial rent.

Collecting rent

Rent collection is done on a regular basis, typically between the 1st and 5th day of the month. The property manager then keeps careful records of paid rents, provides receipts to tenants and tracks down late payments.

Evicting tenants

Tenants who fail to pay rent on time are given an eviction notice before the property manager proceeds to evict them if the court approves – and probably with the help of law enforcement officers.

Managing finances

Tasks include documenting maintenance and repair expenses, servicing payments on the property, maintaining careful financial records and providing monthly/annual reports.

Maintaining the property

Property management companies ensure preventative maintenance and necessary repairs are done, either by hiring handymen, contractors or landscape professionals.

Overseeing tenant move out

Once a property is evacuated, the property manager cleans it and makes necessary repairs before putting it back on the market. The tenant, on the other hand, is given a refund of the security deposit after deductions are made subject to the level of damage on the vacated property.

The Importance of Asbestos Removal from Residential Homes

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a natural mineral found in specific rocks. It is commonly used to enhance the strength of building materials, as a fireproofing and thermal insulation material, an acoustical plaster ingredient and a component of a mixture used to produce a soft and textured appearance on walls and ceilings. Based on the uses of asbestos, it is noticeable that this material can be readily found in residential houses, apartments and office buildings. At residential houses, asbestos can be found on exterior surfaces, insulation, flooring, boilers, heaters, piping, interior surfaces and built-in equipment.

These materials and places may contain more than 1% asbestos. Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) can be friable or non-friable. Friable ACM can be reduced or crumbled into powder when dry and presents adverse health risks to people. Non-friable ACM cannot be reduced or crumbled to powder even when dry, making it the better option for building construction and household materials. Anyway, it is not a major concern if asbestos is present in several places in your house, as long as it is well-maintained in a non-friable or undamaged state.

However, issues concerning asbestos may arise and in order to avoid any health complications, it is recommended to do regular inspections of friable ACM if present. Leaving ACM intact as possible is usually the best option but if you notice any damage, like fallen or missing sections of sprayed on insulation or fireproofing and pieces hanging loosely from ACM, you should take prompt action. Often is such cases, repairing is okay. You should consider ACM removal from your house if it is completely damaged.

Why is asbestos removal important?

Arguably, it is relatively important to remove asbestos from residential homes.

Asbestos can pose a health risk when asbestos fibres are released into the air which people breathe. Normally, asbestos isn’t considered a major health risk if it remains undisturbed or undamaged and is in good condition. Generally, asbestos causes health problems when fibres become airborne and get inhaled. Most of the asbestos fibres that get into the lungs are removed by the natural defenses of the body, however, some fibres can get trapped inside the lungs. In some people, this can cause serious lung diseases like lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis that may develop some years later – typically a latency period of 10 to 40 years. This does not necessarily mean that everyone who gets exposed to asbestos fibres will contract asbestos-related diseases. In fact, the risk increases with an increase in the number of exposures combined with the high concentrations of fibres.

Because asbestos can present a substantial risk to human health once released to air, the material has been considered a harmful air pollutant and has been regulated by federal governments and several environmental institutions. The set regulations apply to facility contractors and owners performing work in commercial and public buildings. The regulations also address small business activities like fabricating and manufacturing operations, renovation and demolition activities, asbestos conversion processes as well as active & inactive waste disposal sites. Privately owned homes or apartments with four/fewer units have been exempt from these regulations unless the structures have been previously used or planned to be used as commercial or public facilities. For residential homes or apartments with four/fewer units, it is advisable for owners to know how to manage asbestos in their houses or apartment buildings.

If you consider removing asbestos-containing materials from your residential home, it is important to consider if it is undamaged or in good condition, the alternatives to removing ACM, laws and safety procedures and licensed asbestos removers. When handling or working with asbestos, it is good to remember to avoid using power tools, sanding or abrasive cutting discs, compressed air and high-pressure hoses. Consider working in well-ventilated areas and ensure the material is kept wet to reduce the release of dust and fibres. Additionally, don’t leave asbestos materials around places where they may be crushed or broken. Even though homeowners are legally approved to remove asbestos products from their property, asbestos poses health risks when removed, packaged, transported and disposed of, therefore safe handling is advised. Furthermore, it is recommended to hire a licensed inspector to inspect your house for ACM before any demolition or renovation activities. Importantly, avoid doing it yourself, instead hire licensed professionals to remove the loosely-bound asbestos due to the health risks linked with handling this material.

As we are an Adelaide based website, our recommendation for asbestos removal is Front Line Asbestos Solutions Adelaide. Head over to their website or their Front Line Asbestos Solutions Facebook page to receive a free quote or consultations for your residential home.

If you are interested to see the process of how asbestos is removed from residential homes, please watch the video below.

SEO for Business Survival

By Luca Carruthers

Search engine optimization [SEO] is the process of improving web content visibility and rankings in major search engines like Google, Bing and many others. SEO enables blogs and websites appear among top rankings in online search engines attracting more online users. Some of the common ways of improving SEO include; adequate descriptions, appropriate links and tags, suitable titles and well-customized content among others. SEO is not only essentials to large business but also small businesses. Adelaide is a fast growing city with major investments in both small and large businesses. Businesses can utilize Adelaide SEO to improve and maintain their standards to cope with the stiff competition. The following are some of the importance of SEO for business survival:

1) It improves sales; if SEO is properly done following the correct algorithms used in search engines, sales can be increased. The main aim of a business advert is to increase sales. SEO increases the number of people visiting a business website. This is made possible by appearing top at most of the search engines. Subsequently, the high number of people visiting will view the products or services available. These numbers can eventually be converted to sales.

2) Improves the business credibility; a business that ranks high in search engines is more credible in the eyes of the viewers than a business that ranks low. It is important that the SEO strategy put in place will offer the customers reliable information as per their needs. These customers usually rate the businesses according to what they view. Subsequently, these viewers will have confidence in a reliable business.

3) It improves product/service visibility; SEO Adelaide ensures there is a good traffic flow towards a given website or business blog. This makes the products or services easily noticed by frequent online users. This way, viewers consider these products/services as reliable solutions to their needs because of their availability in top ranks in search engines. Subsequently, the business attracts more customers to the websites without additional cost.

4) Gives valuable data about customers; SEO enables search engines to collect and analyze important data about your customers. This is gathered from frequent and high numbers of site visits. The search engine compiles these data using an analytical tool in a way that can be useful to a business person. It can also avail valuable information to these customers. Consequently, this will help the business to customize the products/services for better sales.

5) It has high returns on investment [ROI]; SEO is a cost effective and convenient way of meeting customers compared to other forms of marketing. SEO only avails contents to customers who actually reach for the services. This way, marketing is done to convince customers that your business provides the best products/services since they have already shown interest. Consequently, normal activities of viewers are not interrupted since there is no need of convincing them that they actually need the products/services.

6) It makes the location of business easier; SEO makes it easier for customers to locate a business. This is made possible by availing back links and direction to websites of the businesses. In addition, with information made available by search engines, customers can physically locate physical premises of a business. This is mostly helpful to those customers who are looking for local suppliers.

7) It improves social network; websites that utilize good SEO strategies increase their links in social networks. SEO will do an offsite analysis and look at how the site is referred from external sites. Similarly, citations from other online links and incoming links will be included. Social media data is also presented with the number of views, likes, sharing and comments taken note of. Therefore this enables a businessperson to improve and increase his/her links in other marketing platforms.

In conclusion, it is important for a businessperson to have in mind that search engines evaluate various sites. It then avails the best performing sites to the users. This is why it is important for a businessperson to be conversant with the best search engine optimization practices. However, if he/she does not have the necessary skills, he/she should opt for a professional to do the job. This is because the returns are worth the investment. A businessperson in Adelaide who utilizes Adelaide SEO is able to survive the business competition with good returns.

For more information on SEO services, I highly recommend visiting to help you dominate your competition.